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Electronic circuit development

Microcomputer, digital circuit, such as FPGA, there are a number of proven good at the development of analog circuits such as A / D conversion front-end.

We will propose the best circuit for your application.

In addition, PCB design (artwork) at the same time as the circuit design, enables overall optimization of the design.

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Software development

We develop not only firmware for microcomputer or application software for the PC, but also device drivers for Windows / Linux.

It's impossible to separate the hardware and software.

Surveying the whole system, we develop software that can be effectively utilized over the future.

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We propose the solution with an eye to the mass production. Our works do not end with the prototype.

We make arrangements with the factory for mass production and support manufacturing and inspection.

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Technical Notes

Robots with ROS

In recent years, the robot development is rapidly accelerating. In the background, there is a progress of the robot development environment. Especially, ROS is a great development framework.

Let's try to develop robots with ROS!

Robots with ROS

3D printer -- development and prototyping

I developped 3D printer for rapid prototpping of mechanical parts.

Following the design with 3D CAD, we can get a special parts in a short time.

3D printer