Electronic circuit / PCB development

Digital circuits We design a digital circuit with combination of MCU, FPGA, memory and I/F devices.
In digital circuits, we can obtain a lot of benefits from semiconductor technology.
We think it is important to estimate the performance required and select the most suitable devices.
Analog circuits Even the era of digital cirtuis that occupies 95% in the whole circuit, it does not affect the importance of analog circuits.
Now many analog circuits are realized by using analog ICs. But we should understand the inside of analog ICs to design analog circuits.
In particular, we have a lot of design experience in designing the frontend for A/D converter, small-sized DC/DC converter (POL) and etc.
PCB design PCB design is one of the important step of designing a circuit.
Almost all ot the circuit which has been designed up to now in our company, we also designed PCB.
In an ultra-small board or highly integrated board, the space is limited. On such a difficult design, there are many problems solved by changing the circuit to suit the board design.
In analog circuits, because the layout of devices and wiring affect the performance, we can not separate circuit design and PCB design.
In addition, we can design a housing for the PCB simultaneously by using 3D-CAD.
This allows us to make the prototype closer to the final product.

Software development

Application software for PC We develop application software that runs on Windows and/or Linux.
We have a lot of experience in developping such software as shown below.
  • Measureing something with hardware, software that captures data via USB and process.
  • Hardware processing for time critical task, PC software gets and shows the result.
  • Inspection tool for hardware
MCU firmware Of course, we are good at developping MCU firmware.
Larger scale, higher performance and cheaper price of MCU does not know the place to stay.
If we take these advantages fully, we can achieve low-cost, high-performance final product.
On the other hand, in order to achieve high-performance, a firmware for MCU become giant.
To that end, the key is effective use of libraries, RTOS and development environment with tools such as debugger.
Contrary to the traditional development method, we sometimes start to develop software preceding the hardware development.
By carrying out the examination of MCU software in advance, we can develop the large scale firmware effectively and maximize the benefits of improved performance of MCU.
Device driver We develop device driver for Windows or Linux.
When you use the special PC peripheral device that was developped, you will need the device driver for it.
However, because a lot of parts of device driver depend on the OS, it takes maintenance costs such as updating the version.
Considering these things, we propose the best way.


Mass production from the prototping, supports up to sell Not only the prototype development, we support you until the mass products are sold to the end users.
At the time of mass production, such problems as the parts procurement and inspection methods, and to be sold to the end user, as environment compatibility sometimes occur.
In advance to deal with these problems, we help to solve them.
Rapid prototyping with 3D printer By using a 3D printer, it is possible to make just only one plastic part.
Producing of the prototype product gives the customer stronger impact than any skillful presentation.
In such a demonstration purposes, the use of the casing or parts made by 3D printer enables us to make a nice prototype which let us imagine the final product.
In addition to prototype production, we can develop just only one machine.
We can solve stalled projects If you are in trouble with such a development project as "does not progress easily", "not in what was the image of", "not good overall unity", "far from perfect", please consult us.
We will investigate the hardware, software and even mechanical design, from the entire system to detail, and find the essential cause.
We involved in consulting of stalled projects and found some substantial cause in each case.
Cause found, if we address the issues, we can always overcome the problems.
When it is hard to be solved only by our company, it is possible to cooperate with the companies who are trasted by us.